Punjabi singer Preet Harpal issues a video response to the controversy surrounding his song ‘Rang’ after a short clip went viral on social media. Preet Harpal in the statement said the song was being taken in the wrong way and he never meant to hurt anyone’s feelings. Preet went through all the lines in the song and issued explanation of each line.

He further stated that unless one listens to the whole song they would not understand the entire meaning. He added, “I’m only sharing my feelings that why those who did beadbi did not get punished.”

The video of the song was seen trending on social media yesterday to which Preet Harpal issued a statement. He also said he’s willing to meet with any Sikh group over the song to sit down and discuss the song with them if they had any questions even after his statement.

Heartless Moment !! A Reporter interviews a dying man Live on TV

This is the shocking moment a reporter attempted to interview a dying man live on TV after he was apparently hit by a truck.
Footage of the exchange has emerged online showing the man lying on the ground clearly in pain after the alleged incident in El Salvador.
It also shows the a truck and its shattered windscreen at the side of the road after the supposed collision.

The camera then pans around back to the man lying on the ground topless, appearing to writhe around and groan in discomfort.

But rather than kneel down to help the man, the reporter from TVO Noticias shoves a microphone in his face as he mumbles: ‘They hit me and I’m hurting.’

The reporter then starts asking him a barrage of questions saying: ‘Didn’t you see the vehicle?’

He then manages to answer saying: ‘No.’

The woman then asks him: ‘Would you want to be taken to a hospital?’

But the man is unable to speak through the pain and all he can do is is make an inaudible noise.

However, the reporter doesn’t stop there and asks another question saying: ‘Where were you going anyways?’

To which he replies: ‘The hospital’.

And shortly after the cameras stopped rolling it is believed the man died from his injuries.

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