Girl Shoot Boys for Eve Teasing-Truth of Viral Photos


The structure of Indian society has always been male dominated. But in the modern era, women tried to break the centuries of shackles by venturing into male dominated areas.  Though, we have grown by leaps and bounds yet the most basic structure of society is showing no signs of improvement.

Every man needs to be aware of ‘how to treat a woman’.  Eve teasing in India has to do with women empowerment and girl education. What’s the point of education if the people are not even willing to respect women? The traditional mindset often blames the eve teasing incidents on women that they provoke male by wearing scanty clothes. That is actually a lame excuse. Even if females wear modern dresses it does not give men license to harass women. The answer lies in changing the mindset and inculcating morals and values in our education system.