Kapil sharma about arvind Kejriwal !!


Anybody can make fun of Anyone, until and unless it doesn’t hurt them! Sensible comedy is acceptable, even both enjoy it! like we do see in roasts shows.

Of course, Kapil ji can make fun of Aravind ji, if he doesn’t respect and make some disrespect comments is different, that is obvious, nobody will accept.

WELL I dont think Kapil disrespected Arvind Kejriwal in his first show in delhi , He is just a comedian and it is his job to make some light jokes on the people who are in trend. This make the audience laugh.

But on the other hand what i think is the dialogues delivered in these reality shows are pre written by the writers and probably the writers or even kapil himself must have discussed the dialogues on AK with kejriwal sir before the show.

Surely their must be such type of mechanism. So i think this is just the thinking of general public .