Speech OF Swami Chidanand Ji at Takhat Sachkhand Sri Harmandir Ji Patna Sahib


Speech OF Swami Chidanand Ji

Swami Chidanand’s speech at Sri Patna Sahib was well received on social media. Swami Chidanand stated that Hindustan is alive and functioning only due to Sri Guru Gobind Singh Sahib Ji that Hindustan should remember the supreme sacrifice of his four sons.

The Swami was full of compliments and reiterated that the message of Gurbani should be preached more. He quoted “Paavan Guru Pani Pita” and said, “we need to protect our waters and land.”He was well received by the sangat with Jaikare and praised for his speech.

Yeah definitely Sikhs do deserve a lot of credit for their services to Hindus living in Punjab, Kashmir and regions of North India. Indeed Sikhs saved many Hindu communities.

Even to this day, many Sikhs continue to serve the Indian army and provide langars in gurudwaras for all people, regardless of faith or caste. Essentially, Sikhism was created on the basis for Hindu service.
I, as a Hindu, am very thankful for Sikhs and their good deeds.

Once again I will mention this. Sikhs did sacrifice greatly for the benefit of Hindus, and we should be thankful for that. However only a fool will give ALL credit and be “indebted” to Sikhs.

Yes, all Hindus especially from North India are indebted to Sikh community. Sikhs in mediaeval era saved Hindus from being butchered.  Sikhs worked as a shield for Hindus. But their contribution has been neglected by Indian historians due to pseudo-secularism. Since most of the historians in India endorse Marxist ideology, they would never acknowledge the contribution of Sikh community in saving Hindu lives.
RSS is making tremendous efforts in making people aware about contribution of Sikh community.